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Suncoast JMC

To provide superior design and construction solutions in and around Perth region Suncoast JMC was established in the year of 2003. Sun coast JMC (AMC) was formed in 2006 to provide cost effective solutions to the mining industry. It began with the experience of the two senior figures responsible for the creation and growth of Minproc Engineers from 1978 to 1994. Our philosophy is simple; lump sum, process and completion guaranteed design and construct projects. Such projects are very cost effective and quickly brought into production. Our main purpose is to deliver cost effective and successful projects to our clients. Suncoast JMC expertise is diverse and able to deliver cost effective projects in a range of ore types including gold, mineral sands, iron ore, nickel, copper, cobalt, lead/zinc, uranium, diamonds, and other precious metals. Our projects are unique and creatively designed to cater the needs and requirements of our clients. Our company follows all the quality and safety certification of Australia as well as international standards. The projects are specially designed taking in account the local communities and the knowledge of the concerned place. Our ability to perform and deliver results in accordance with the client’s requirements is the primary thing that sets us apart from others. A sharp eye to each and every detail in the project helps us to achieve exceptional excellence in all our projects.

About Suncoast JMC